Great Roads  (Printable Map (pdf))

This map highlights the best roads in western North Carolina, east Tennessee and north Georgia including Tail of the Dragon, Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner28, Devils Triangle, Six Gap, Diamondback226, Blue Ridge Parkway, and more.

Dragon Cherohala Loop  (Printable Map (pdf))

This map shows the 120 mile Dragon/Cherohala Loop highlighted in yellow. An additional 20 miles includes part of Moonshiner 28 and Fontana Dam highlighted in orange. Remember there is no fuel on the Cherohala for 50 miles.

Tail of the Dragon Outlets are shown in GREEN DOTS. These businesses carry some of our products, but not all. Tail of the Dragon recommends the businesses shown by PURPLE DOTS.

Smoky Mountain Loop  (Printable Map (pdf))

Smoky Mountain National Park Loop is highlighted in yellow. It includes the Tail of the Dragon. Highlights include the Foothills Parkway, Little River Road, Gatlinburg, Great Smoky Mountains Nantional Park, Clingman’s Dome, Cherokee, Bryson City, Moonshiner 28 and Fontana Dam. Expect heavy traffic on Little River Road and US 441 through the Park.

The Cherohala/Dragon Loop is highlighted in purple. It includes the Tail of the Dragon, TN 72, TN 360, and the Cherohala Skyway. Highlights include the Dragon, Tellico Plains, Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, Robbinsville and the Cheoah River.

Dir fr Knoxville/Nashville  (Printable Map (pdf))

Take US 129 south. 55 miles, 1.5 hours travel time.

Take I-40 east, then I-140 east, then US 129 south. 223 miles, 5 hours travel time.
Alternate: Take I-40 east, then US 321 east, then US 129 south. 219 miles, 5 hours travel time.

US 129 south through Maryville, then US 411 south to Vonore, then TN 360 south to Tellico Plains. 60 miles, 2 hours travel time.

I-40 east, I-75 south, TN 68 south. 208 miles, 4.5 hours travel time.
Backroads: I-40 east to Crossville, then US 127 south, then TN 68 to Tellico Plains. 4.5 hours travel time.

Dir fr Chattanooga TN  (Printable Map (pdf))

The fastest routes from Chattanooga are marked in yellow: (1) The I-75, Athens, Madisonville route is 117 miles with a 3 hour travel time. (2) The I-75, Cleveland Etowah, Madisonville route is 119 miles with a 3 hour travel time.

The back road routes are marked in purple: (1) The back road route of Cleveland, US 64, TN315, Tellico Plains is 135 miles with a 4 hour travel time. (2) The back road route of Cleveland, Ducktown Tellico Plains is 156 miles with a 4.5 hour travel time.

Gravel Wagon Train Road  (Printable Map (pdf))

This map highlights the Wagon Train Road AKA Stewart Cabin Road AKA Forest Road 81 (shown in yellow) which parallels the Cherohala Skyway (shown in red).  The entire route is well maintained Forest Service gravel road within the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness Area. It is closed in winter. This 11 mile back road is great for dual sports and jeep exploration. Standard vehicles can also use this road with little difficulty. Only licensed vehicles are allowed. Highlights include Santeetlah Creek, Stewart Cabin, camping/picnic spots, Swan Cabin Rental, Wolf Laurel Trailhead and Cherohala Skyway.

The Wolf Laurel Trailhead  provides the easiest hiking access to Stratton Bald, Naked Ground, Haoe Bald and Hangover.

Regional Law Enforcement Areas  (Printable Map (pdf))

Watch out for local law enforcement. This map shows the most common areas for radar.

LEOs on and near the Dragon usually set-up in straights where the unsuspecting rider/driver twists the throttle. They are also watching for passing on the double yellow.

In North Carolina the most likely radar spots are on the 4-lane highways, particularly US19/US74 near Bryson City and NC 28 near the Graham/Swain County line (4-lane).
Also take note that many locals have EMS/FIRE radios in their trucks and will call in high speed/reckless passing.